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Organic Ursbur Powder Facial Mask

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Ursbur powder is made from the thistle-like safflower plant. It has a high content of vitamins A and E, magnesium, and linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid). Combined, these ingredients have a great moisturising effect on your skin, while the antioxidants protect your skin against free radical damage. As a facial mask, Ursbur will leave your skin moisturized and glowing.


Ursbur powder is best used in combination with GOB Skincare Qasil Powder and GOB Skincare Gram Flour. Combine 1 tsp. of Ursbur Powder with ½ tsp. each of Qasil Powder and Gram Flour. Mix with warm water until a paste is formed. Gently distribute the paste on your face and neck and leave it on for 15–20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

For dry skin: Add 1 tsp. of GOB Skincare Argan Oil or GOB Skincare Coconut Oil

For oily skin/clogged pores: Add 1 tsp. of GOB Skincare Jojoba Oil.

For sensitive skin: Add 1 tsp. of GOB Skincare Marula Oil

Use 2–3 times a week


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